Zama Janan Pashto Poetry

Jan 31, 2013  · There is no doubt that romantic poetry is always delightful to read as it rekindles sweet memories. I still remember listening to "Janana rasha pa gulshan nawai bahar" in my teens — especially as Pashto is not my mother tounge. Quite recently, I came across the translation of two Pashto poems on the website of the Poetry Translation Centre.

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Poetry Log is The Home Of Shayari On Love,Urdu Poetry,Shayari Sms,Urdu Sad Poetry,Love Poetry,Urdu Ghazals,Urdu Sms,Pashto Poety Poetry Log | Best Urdu Poetry: Misc Pashto Poetry.

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Janan kali ta ra naghay pashto poetry, pashto songs, pashto tapay, tang takor. Abida Khanam – Zama Janan – Pakistani Pashto Top Song,Old Pakistani Pushto.

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May 30, 2015  · poetry, english poems, poetry online, urdu shayari, poetry urdu. poetry, english poems, poetry online, urdu shayari, poetry urdu, urdu shairy urdu ghazals, urdu poetry, shayari urdu, poetry in urdu, best urdu poetry, ghazal urdu, poems, express, angry quotes, angry status, Laara Qisa Da Meeny Khatma Shwa Munkar Sho janan Zama.

Pashto Poetry – SMS. Zama Sahar Zama Makhaam Sta Sho Zam Raahat Zama Araaam Sta Sho. Mal Da Khpalay Zindagai Yawa Lamha Ra ka. Zama chi.

May 07, 2012  · Posts about pashto shairy written by Muhammad Adnan Chamkani. Pukhto Adab aw Tareekh. Pukhto Shairy aw adabi Tolani. JANAN khu zama zan day pa khpal zan ba waridale. Tags: adnanchamkani, ghazal, masho gagar, pashto ghazal, pashto poetry, pashto shairy, Pashto sms, sartaj heiran, sokaniwaalon, sokanniwaal, ugora che stargo ke katal kawi.

10 Mar 2018. Da rang zama da stargo na de rang de da janan, Da shrang zma seena. intotheworld-whereitallbegan reblogged this from pashto-literature.

Zama Da Zra Awaaz Zalim Janan Ta Orasawa, Pashto Shairy, Pshto Poetry, Zama Da Zra Awaaz Zalim Janan Ta Orasawa Zama Ghazala Zaan Zama Armaan Ta Orasawa, Dagha Spogmai Da Ka Janaan De Nor Pe Na Pohegam Kho Khudaya Zar Me Warpasy Asmaan Ta Orasawa, Da Har Mehfil Na Me Trakha Trakha Darduna Rawral

Janan zama pa sar janan dai Ka za ye predam da kuso malang ba shena #tajdar.

Jun 6, 2019 – pa raza ba drta zaan khwri ere km kho da zooor khbara ma kwa PAKHTOON yam. See more ideas about Pashto shayari, Poetry and Pashto.

Janan Zama Pa Marg Khafa Na Wo, Pashto Best Poetry, Pashto Poetry, Heart Touching Poetry, Janan Zama Pa Marg Khafa Na Wo Kho Pa De Ye Jarral Che.

You are here: SMS4Smile » Pashto SMS » goram yaran khpalo ke khandegi. da makham tyare khwaregi janan neshta zra zama pase khogegi janan neshta gar chapera mehfaloono ta che goram yaran khpalo ke. Adbi poetry in pushto.

Dec 28, 2010  · Abid’s Pashto Poetry Tuesday, December 28, 2010. Ta che laare. Ta che laare. zama zra,zama zan,zama zigar zama janan ye. This page is dedicated to all pashto poetry lovers. I hope that my little effort will be of great results in regard of serving pashto.

University of Malakand is a public university of Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa established through a charter issued by the Governor on August 30, 2001; is recognized by the Higher Education Commission, Islamabad. Pukhtoon Students Federation (PSF) is the legacy of Khan Abdul Ghaffar "Bacha" Khan.

zama janan, janan poetry, sad picture poetry, pashto poetry, a zama janana ta zama na sa khabar ye zama jwand zama wafa na sa khabar ye, za kho hase lewanay lewanay na yem ta da khpali her ada sa khabar ye, gham yawazi pa ta na day.

ATal Poetry, Atal Pashto Poetry, Israr Atal Pashto Poetry, Pashto Poetry By Israr Atal, Pashto Poetry, Daasi pa zra ki me Khyalona da Janan Tawege.

Dase Pa Zra K Me KhyalOOna da Janan Tawegi Laka Che Sam Pa Sarhi. Zra Ba Di Khair De Zama Stare Dase Na Prekhodo, Da Jwand Tasweer Ba De.

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Pashto Poetry, Pashto Heart Touching Poetry, Pashto Sad Poetry, Pashto Sad Sms, Sad Poetry, Be latana ym ragly dalta tol paradi paradi dy Musafar ym gamzafali dalta tol paradi paradi dy Yeo gam howar me paki nashta zanla zanla zind.

May 15, 2018  · Zama janan de dewal pa sore zena

Khudaya JanaN ZaMa Choclate ky' Da Raqeeb Sugar Ky Chy Zan tena. See more of Pashto Poetry Of Rahman Baba, Ghani Khan, Hamza Baba on Facebook.

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In Pakistan, Pashto is spoken by about 15.42% (Rough figures) of Pakistan. During the 17th century Pashto poetry was becoming very popular among the.

Abid’s Pashto Poetry Wednesday, September 8, 2010. zama zra,zama zan,zama zigar zama janan ye. zama zra,zama zan,zama zigar zama janan ye na bl maqsad na bl khwahish,bs ta da zra arman ye. ka tar qyamata umruna ghwaram aw tol ta na zaarawama bya hm wele darta na sham che sumra rata gran y

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